Camo Golf – Company Car

At we have always been keen on showing off our services, the is why all of our company cars are fully wrapped. Some of our cars are subtly wrapped in neat colours, to show off the range of colours we have available and illustrate how our car wraps can look like factory painted cars. But often we utilise our vehicle wrapping expertise to turn our company cars into mobile advertisements. As our company is all about car style, we don’t just go for big logos and photos on our company vehicle wraps, we tend to go for more interesting and innovative designs that showcase our design expertise and ethos of stylish cars.

One of our more recent company car wraps is this lovely arctic camo wrapped VW Golf R Mk7. We received this vehicle on lease and chose to wrap it in a custom camo pattern inspired by a design we had seen on an Audi RS6 Advant that became famous online.

The main body wrap for this car was based on a 3M satin white colour, we then printed directly onto this material using a HP latex printer. This gave an overall satin effect but allowed the inks used on the grey and black sections to offer more texture and depth. Usually a printed wrap like this would consist of a purpose made white print vinyl used as a base, with an over-laminated added over the top once the printing has been completed. But we like to be different and try new things, so opted for printing directly to a coloured wrapping vinyl instead. This gave us a chance to experiment with the latex printing process and see how durable it could be long term to print onto coloured vinyl, giving us the potential to create new colours and finishes by combining print, patterns and coloured wrap vinyls.

Although we didn’t quite get the durability we would have liked from this print process the colours came out great and the wrap was more than good enough to be used on our company VW Golf R.

To complete the wrap we used flat matte red wrapping vinyl to cover several pieces of trim on the cars exterior , giving it a great bit on contrast against the arctic camo pattern.

To finish things off we used the matte red vinyl to add logos and contact details to the car wrap and finish off the wrap, ready to get it out there on the road advertising our services.



DS3 roof wraps – black roof

A regular piece of dealership work we carry out at, our DS3 roof wraps are available in a massive range of colours and we can usually get them turned around within a day. The DS3 roof wrap was carried out for Citroen Stockport, the car came into us with a roof wrap already installed, but due to poor installation it was bubbling and showing the classic signs of a failed vehicle wrap. So we striped off the old roof wrap, cleaned off all adhesive residue and installed a brand new gloss black roof wrap using Avery Supreme wrapping film.