Chrome C63 – Chrome My Car

What better way is there to learn how to wrap a car in chrome than by using your own company vehicle? In 2012 after investing in a brand new Mercedes C63 AMG coupe we decided to wrap the car in silver chrome. Although chrome wraps are more popular nowadays back in 2012 they were incredibly rare due to the chrome vehicle wrap vinyl only just being introduced to the market by Avery, and the cost per SqM of the chrome vinyl being well over £150. Meaning a full chrome wrap on a car would set you back over £3000 in just material costs.


Well after much trial and error with this brand new chrome wrap vinyl we finally completed our C63 in its silver chrome wrap. It was incredibly popular with people stopping in the street to take photos of it and other posing next to it when it was parked up. Soon customers started enquiring about getting their cars chrome wrapped and seen we had used our chrome vehicle wrapping knowledge to install chrome car wraps on all types of cars, from a Maserati Gran Turismo to Toyota Yaris.

But our silver C63 AMG is where it all started, we’re one of the first companies in the UK to perfect the art of chrome vehicle wrapping thanks to it. It gave us a huge amount of knowledge about how the chrome wrapping vinyl works, what it can and cannot do and also an incite into its long term suitability on the UK roads.


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