Black Range Rover – Brush Metal

The range of colours and finishes available from our car wrapping vinyls at is now into the hundreds and often our customers find it hard to decide which colour or finish to go with for their new car wrap. On this occasion our customer know exactly what he wanted, he wanted a matte black car wrap for his Range Rover Sport, but he wanted it to have something different, an extra feature to make it stand out from all the other matte black wraps he had seen out on the road. So we suggested a brushed metal finish in black metallic, this wrapping vinyl looks very much like a matte colour when viewed from afar, but on closer inspection the brushed metal effect adds an extra layer of depth to the vehicle wrap and the metallic elements give the car an overall shimmer that a standard matte black cannot offer.

After a short meeting to show examples of the brushed metal wrap vinyls and a long discussion with his wife, the customer decided to go ahead. We collected the car from him in Altrincham and 5 days later he had it back filled wrapping in metallic black brushed metal and was over the moon.



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