Macan – Prior Design Body Conversion

Our wide body car conversions are one of our favourite products, they can totally transform a car. Take this car for example, the donor car is a Porsche Macan S model. A nice car but a little tame and middle of the road. But our client wanted to make it something special and had seen the Prior Design wide body conversion online and decided to undertake a full exterior conversion.

This Macan wide body conversion package is the first in the UK, we initially took in the stock car and prepared it for work. The wide body kit was very new, so took a 2 weeks to get in stock from Prior Design in Germany but once it arrived we got to work. The wide body conversion package consisted of front and rear bumpers, side skirts and wheel arch widening for all 4 arches.

Soon we had the kit on the car and began the process of blending in the new parts to give a factory look finish. After a lot of work the project was completed and all new body parts and installation areas were painted perfectly in the Porsche Macan’s factory paint colour.

The client soon opted to complete the look of their wide body Porsche Macan by installing 21 inch Vossen alloy wheels and installing a black chrome vehicle wrap. Taking this once middle of the road car from plain to a real show stopper.


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