Bus upholstery

Vehicle wrapping is not the only service we can offer for upgrading your vehicle. We can also help out with updating the interior of your car, van, or in this case bus. MeatLust required an upgrade of their double Decker bus in preparation for a string of events they had lined up. So we used our knowledge and expertise in vehicle upholstery and modification to carry out this upgrade.

First things first we reupholstered all the seating inside the bus, swapping out the garish lime green for a more refined dark grey charcoal colour. These seats we recovered in a vinyl to ensure both the downstairs and upstairs seating would be weather proof and water-resistant, a key requirement for a bus that will be serving passengers food and drinks on the move.

Secondly we repainted the walls and ceilings of the bus in a charcoal grey to match the seating. And changed the lime green handrails to a bright pink that matched the exterior vehicle wrap we had already applied. Some areas of the walls were premiered ready for a popular graffiti artist to add some custom artwork to them.

All of this interior work helped to create areas of the bus that would allow MeatLust (the owners) to load it with passengers and serve them their BBQ food and artisan beers in comfort and style.

The MeatLust bus was commissioned for the Bare Bones XXL Tour where it transported passengers around London landmarks whilst serving them high quality artisan BBQ food and drinks.




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