Bus wrap, before and after images

At Wrapvehicles.co.uk vehicle wrapping is what we do best, as shown on this rather conspicuous looking double decker parade bus. The client brought us in a tired looking white bus and wanted to “pimp it” for an event in London. Our team helped edit the “in your face” design to make it fit the dimensions of the bus and proceeded to wrap it top to bottom.

The design consisted of a bright pink colour laid over a metal rust pattern. With various logos and design elements scattered across the bus, it makes for a very attention grabbing bus wrap that was perfect for its events. We finished off the bus wrap with contra vision window graphics to give greater surface area to the design without redoing visibility our of the buses windows.


The whole project was carried out for a London based event for MeatLust, MeatLust are a BBQ sauce company based in Manchester. The bus featured as a “mobile BBQ joint” on the MeatLust Bare Bones XXL Tour in 2017. The fully wrapped bus would travel around London landmarks serving eclectic BBQ dishes and artisan beers to its passengers.

You can see the bus in action on the Bare Bones XXL Tour here




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