The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – The final touches (Post 6)

This was the final stage of the project for, after we had completed the external vehicle wrap on the bus, reupholstered all the seating, added a bespoke BBQ area upstairs and painted all of the interior walls, it was time to just finish off a few smaller add-on items before the bus would leave us for London and its pre-booked events.

First off we added some more digitally printed vehicle wrap to the section of wall we added at the rear of the bus (the wind breaker). This area was wrapped to extend the pattern of the existing bus wrap, whilst also leaving enough space to incorporate sponsors logos in the future.

To start the process of getting the bus ready for the road, and its intended use for transporting & feeding the general public, we arranged for a set of fire extinguishers and fire blankets to be added to the bus.

Our final action for the bus was to help arrange collection of it by a driver to that it could be taken back to London and the process of getting the Bare Bones XXL Tour started could begin.

After assisting in arranging the bus drivers, we arranged a bus mechanic to get the bus started and ready for its journey back down south.



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