The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – Creating the authentic BBQ bus (Post 4)

The next stage of the bus conversion project was an important one, the installation of an Egg BBQ,  supplied by Primo ceramic grills. This was the main purpose of the whole bus project, without the BBQ the Bare Bones Tour XXL wouldn’t work, the whole idea was to cook BBQ food on the bus for paying customers.

stainless steel metalwork for vehicels

bbq bus conversion

To install the Primo ceramic BBQ we had to firstly remove upstairs horseshoe shaped bench seating area and convert it into a cooking station. To do this we had our metalworker cut away at the base of the seating and install steel checker plate across the floor of the top deck to protect the bus from the heat of the BBQ and also make it easier to clean. Once the flooring was in we installed a bespoke mount and fixed the BBQ in place on it. And to finish off this section of the project we installed a stainless steel catering table beside the BBQ and incorporated a secret storage cupboard under the seating area.

vehicle conversions in manchester

bespoke metalwork Manchester

To ensure the BBQ area received some shelter from the wind we also incorporated a custom-made section of steel at the rear of the bus, raising up the rear wall to create a wind break for the BBQ/cooking area that would help with wind and smoke.

bbq bus upgrade

bus conversion services

In addition to the metalworks our upholsterer modified some of the bench seating on the top deck to make it fit next to the BBQ/cooking station.


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