The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – Reupholstering the double decker bus (Post 3)

The bus came to us with lime green seats both upstairs and downstairs, even the drivers seat was lined in a garish lime green vinyl. Although at Wrapvehicles we are more often required to upgrade the upholstery on luxury cars, and add diamond stitched quilted leather, we undertook the simpler but larger scale process on the Meat Lust bus, first we stripped the seats all-round and reupholstered them in a charcoal grey PVC vinyl to the client’s specification. The seats were a mix of standard bus double bench seats as well as a full horseshoe bench seat at the rear of the bus, upstairs and downstairs.

bus conversion manchester

bus reupholstery manchester

We reupholstered all of the seats in a PVC vinyl to allow them all to be wipe clean and to ensure the seating on the open top deck would be weatherproof.

bus reupholstering manchester

bus seat reupholstery services, manchester

In addition to recovering all of the seats, we also re-covered all of the table tops on the outside section of the upper deck, against provided a water resistant wipe clean surface.


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