The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – The Meat Lust bus wrap (Post 2)

The client supplied us with a bespoke design for the bus, after the bus was delivered to our Manchester vehicle wrapping centre from it’s home in London, we measured it up and edited the supplied artwork to accommodate for the buses exact sizes and the placement of obstructions like air vents and window rubbers.

bus wraps manchester

bus wrapping

We wrapped the body of the double decker parade bus using 3M vehicle wrapping vinyl, converting  it from a boring white painted surface into a loud and proud bright pink bus with graffiti style text and logos everywhere. Perfect for advertising the Meat Lust Bare Bones XXL Tour, a culinary tour of Londons best BBQ and meat restaurants.

bus wraps uk

manchester bus wrapping services

In addition to vehicle wrapping the body of the bus we also added contra vision printed vinyls the the side windows, extending the design into those areas and making it even more imposing and impressive.

bus wrapping in manchester and cheshire

bus wraps manchester

To finish off the initial bus wrap we also added vinyl text and logos to the front facing and upper windows, completing the look and also giving the bus an personalised “old-skool” style number/destination sign about the drivers window.



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