Cat 5 and Cat 6 GPS vehicle trackers in Manchester

We offer a great selection of both Cat 5 and Cat 6 GPS vehicle trackers, with mobile installation that can be arranged for anywhere in the North West, across Manchester and Cheshire.

Our Cat 6 vehicle trackers suit most customers and insurers requirements, they provide 24/7 tracking of the vehicle within the UK and can remotely disable the car by engaging the immobiliser  should the car be reported stolen. The usual process is as follows:

If the car is started without the keys, moved without the ignition on or tilted (as if being towed) the tracker will engage and report this to the tracker monitoring company. The vehicle tracker company will then contact the vehicle’s owner to request confirmation that the issue is being caused by the owner, if it is not being caused by the owner then the tracker service can remotely kill the car’s engine and/or report the stolen car to the police. The vehicle can then be tracked to its location and retrieved.

If your car has a keyless go system then it is best to opt for the Cat 5 GPS vehicle tracker system, this gives the vehicle owner an added line of defence against thieves. The Cat 5 GPS vehicle tracker systems come supplied with a switch, keycard or fob that must be engaged or inside the vehicle for the car to start, this means that keyless go cars or cars that have been stolen with the keys cannot be started, and therefore cannot be stolen.


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