Wrap and Remap, its that simple, while your car is with us being wrapped we can install an ECU remap to improve its performance.

audi tuning manchester

audi ecu remapping manchester

now you don’t have to book in a vehicle wrap to obtain a custom ECU remap from us at Wrap and Remap / Wrapvehicles, we can install our ECU remaps as a standalone product. but if you do opt to have both a vehicle wrap and an ECU remap installed by Wrap and Remap / Wrapvehicles, we can offer you a great discount and carry out both installs at the same time. so we can save you money, time and hassle.

cheshire remapping specialists

bentley remapping manchester

the ECU remaps we offer to our customers in Manchester are of the highest quality, each ECU remap has been specifically designed for each make or model of vehicle. this attention to detail is to guarantee that we only offer ECU remaps that will offer excellent gains in performance whilst not causing any long term damage to the engines components.

golf r ecu tuning manchester

vw golf ecu remap manchester

at Wrap and Remap we offer an excellent at a great price, so get in touch to book in your vehicle for an ECU remap in Manchester from us.


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