Lumma Design Car Styling and Lumma Conversions in Manchester & Cheshire

Wrapvehicles are now official sellers of Lumma Design styling parts and Lumma Conversions in the North of England. The Lumma styling range is HUGE, offering a large selection of high end bodykits for top makes and models including:

  • Range Rover (Vogue)
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Porsche Cayenne
  • BMW X5
  • BMW X6
  • Mercedes GLE
lumma design range rover cir sv

lumma design car sv widebody conversions

Lumma Design are specialists in creating eye catching widebody car styling packages and wide body car bodykits that convert the donor car into a totally new vehicle. This is why we at Wrapvehicles have decided to add Lumma Design to our range of premium bodykits and car conversions. We like to transform cars and create show stoppers that make every passerby stop and take notice.

range rover widebody conversions manchester

range rover conversions manchester uk

Wrapvehicles will be offering the complete Lumma Design luxury car styling range to our customers in the North of England, all Lumma bodykits and Lumma Design car conversions will be available including installation. Wrapvehicles is based in Manchester / Cheshire, so we will mainly catering for our local area, so if you are based in Knutsford or Wilmslow and would like to add more style to your Range Rover Sport we can help to convert it into a Lumma Design CLR wide arch / widebody Range Rover that is more fitting to your tastes. And if you are in Hale or Altrincham and want to give your BMW X6 more presence on the road, Wrapvehicles can install a Lumma Design widebody bodykit and convert your BMW 4×4 SUV into a super wide monster.

lumma conversions manchester

lumma conversions cheshire

But if you are in the North of the UK or the Midlands then Wrapvehicles can still offer the complete Lumma Design wide body car conversion packages to you. Just give us a call on 0161 641 7384 to find out more information about our Lumma styling packages or email us at

lumma bmw

lumma widebody bmw x6

And it is always a good idea to visit the Lumma Design page on our website as we often add new information about additions to the Lumma Design product range as and when they release a new style package for each vehicle. For example the new Mercedes GLE Lumma Design Widebody kit is now available and we will soon have a Lumma wide body conversion package available for the new Jaguar F Pace 4×4 SV model.

lumma design manchester

lumma design uk


lumma design range rover cheshire

lumma design range rover


cayenne lumma bodykits

widebody cayenne


lumma car conversions manchester

manchester lumma design bodykits


lumma range rover cheshire

range rover widebody lumma


lumma cir manchester

lumma range rover cir bodykits


lumma bodykits manchester

lumma bodykits manchester


lumma range rover conversions

lumma car conversions


cheshire lumma design kits

lumma bodykits uk


widebody lumma range rover

lumma design range rover cir sv

lumma cars manchester

lumma design car uk


bmw lumma bodykit

lumma bmw widebody



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