Brabus now have a new UK distributor have now added Brabus to their range of luxury and performance car styling products. Brabus offer the most complete styling and performance upgrades for Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG models, our customers love Mercedes cars so Brabus is exactly the kind of company we want to partner up with.


manchester brabus

brabus conversions UK

Wrapvehicles will be offering full Brabus Conversions, taking Standard Mercedes Cars and converting them into true Brabus cars. To do this they upgrade not only the exterior styling but also the cars performance and interior. The Brabus styling packages we have available are expertly designed to offer a great improvement in style and aesthetic while also being able to boast aerodynamic capabilities that surpass the standard Mercedes styling and allow the Brabus Converted cars to go as fast as their newly upgraded engines can power them.


mercedes brabus uk

c63 brabus

Wrapvehicles Manchester offer the following Mercedes to Brabus conversion packages in the UK.

Mercedes C Class / AMG C43 ===> Brabus B25

Mercedes AMG C63  ===> Brabus C Class Bullitt – Coupe/Saloon

Mercedes E class  ===> Brabus E V12 Coupe/Cabrio

Mercedes G Wagon G63 AMG ===> Brabus G Wagon 850

Mercedes G500 ===> Brabus G Wagon Widestar

Mercedes G Wagon 4×4 ===> Brabus G500 4×4

Mercedes GLE63 AMG ===> Brabus GLE 700

Mercedes GLE63 AMG ===> Brabus GLE 850

Mercedes AMG GT / GTS ===> Brabus GTS 600

Mercedes S Class Maybach ===> Brabus Maybach

Mercedes ML63 AMG ===> Brabus ML

Mercedes C63 AMG ===> Brabus C63 new 2015 saloon

Mercedes S63 AMG ===> Brabus S Class 850

Mercedes S63 AMG ===> Brabus Rocket S Class

Mercedes S63 Coupe ===> Brabus S Coupe 900


uk styling widestar

widestar g wagon uk

To enquire about our Brabus conversions and Brabus upgrades please email Wrapvehicles at or call Wrapvehicles on 0161 641 7384. We will be offer our Brabus conversions to clients across the whole of the UK including all major cities (Manchester, London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc) and to all UK towns and villages (Wilmslow, Knutsford, Hale, Bowdon, etc). All Brabus parts from the Brabus styling range, to the Brabus performance parts and Brabus interior upgrades are installed by Brabus approved technicians and craftsman. We cannot offer Brabus parts for DIY installation as to ensure all Brabus conversions are all the same factory finish quality each one needs to be installed by Brabus approved installers.


UK brabus conversions

brabus upgrades UK

In addition to offering the full Brabus Mercedes styling packages we can also offer a complete range of modern AMG styling packages to our client sin the UK and AMG styling upgrades for most modern Mercedes models.


brabus conversions cheshire

brabus GLE wide body


brabus uk

Brabus uk dealer


cheshire brabus upgrades

brabus conversions UK


uk braus interior upgrades

brabus interiors uk


brabus rocket uk

brabus s coupe


maybach brabus uk

brabus maybach


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