How do I wash my wrapped car?

Once you have wrapped your car you are free to wash it however you wish. At we recommend hand washing your wrapped vehicle to ensure it lasts as long as it should. Jet washing can be carried out but is not recommend and can jeopardise your vehicle wraps warranty. All it takes is a ill advised valeter to jet wash your wrap too close or apply too much jet pressure to a join in the wrap and it can damage it and require a replacement piece of vinyl wrap. This is why we recommend hand washing for all of our vehicle wraps, no matter if we have installed them ourselves or a DIY installation has been made.


clean your wrapped car

croft gate car wrap cleaners

But there is even more you can do to help preserve and protect your wrapped car when wrapping. By using one of our approved vehicle wrap cleaning products you can not only help to increase the longevity of your car wrap but also improve its overall finish and protect it from getting dirty, so that it requires less frequent cleaning.

Wrapvehicles have partnered up with Croftgate USA to bring their excellent range of waterless car wash products to the UK market. Within this range of waterless car wash solutions there are several car cleaning products that have been specially formulated for use on vinyl wrapped cars and vehicles.

Super Green – All Croftgate’s vehicle wrap cleaning products are free from solvents and are incredibly Eco Friendly

car wrap cleaners

valeting wrapped cars

We offer a range of 3 vehicle wrap cleaning products from Croftgate.

1.  Gloss & Matte car wrap cleaner – standard cleaner

Removes day to day road dirt and grime. Keeps your wrapped vehicle looking fresh and as a little bonus it improves the glossiness of gloss car wrap surfaces.


2. Gloss & Matte car wrap cleaner – sealant

This vehicle wrap cleaner acts in the similar way to wax on a standard paint surface. It adds a protective layer to the surface of a wrapped car that protects it and helps to repel dirt.


3. Super Gloss car wrap cleaner – colour & gloss enhancement 

This car wrap cleaning product was initially created for chrome wrapped cars, it helps to emphasise the glossiness of the vinyl finish. It looks amazing on chrome wrapped cars but can also be used on other coloured vehicle wraps to enhance the colour.


waterless car wash solution

waterless car wash


Our Croftgate car cleaning product range is not only of the cleaning of wrapped cars, there are also 2 products the are intended for use before the vehicle wrap is installed to a car. The Croftgate car wrap surface prep and heavy duty cleaner can help to remove dirt, dust and grease and clean the surface ready for super strong vehicle wrap installs. These car wrap surface prep solutions are available from Wrapvehicles for DIY installs as well as for professionals.

order car wrap cleaners

vehicle wrap cleaning uk

Cleaning a vehicle wrap

For the owner of a vehicle wrapped car we can supply you with spray guns and all the required cleaning accessories to keep you wrapped car clean and protected. If you are a car valeter then we also have you covered, we can supply our vehicle wrap cleaning solutions in large 5 litre bottles for use on a larger scale.

aqua nil waterless car wash

aqua nil by croftgate


If you would like to find out more about our waterless car wash solutions or our vehicle wrap cleaning products please visit our site, email us on or call us on 0161 641 7384. We can deliver our wrapped car cleaning products nationwide throughout the UK as well as locally to our local regions.


car wrap washing products

car wrap washing

car wrap cleaning

wrapped car cleaning accessories


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