Different vehicle tracker options – Cat 5, Cat 6, Fleet Trackers

At wrapvehicles.co.uk we offer a range of vehicle trackers to suit different budgets and requirements.

with regards to security and insurance we have 2 main options

category 5 (cat 5) and category 6 (cat 6)

cat 5 systems are the highest specification of vehicle trackers that we offer. our cat 5 trackers are connected deep into a variety of areas and functions of the car, so take longer to install and are nearly impossible to remove unless you are a specialty tried technician.

cat 5 vehicle trackers get the best discounts for insurance premiums and most insurers ask for cat 5 trackers above all else.

due to the amount of labour involved in instilling cat 5 trackers, and their higher spec, the price for the vehicle tracker is more expensive. however you are likely to save more on your insurance premium with a cat 5 vehicle tracker over a cat 6 vehicle tracker

often cat 5 vehicle trackers have an additional feature of a key code, key fob or card that needs to be scanned to start the vehicle. without your keyfob / card a thief would not be able to start the car once the tracker is installed as it connects directly tot he ignition of the car.

cat 6 vehicle trackers are a little easier to install into a vehicle and offer a few less functions. therefore at wrapvehicles.co.uk we can sell out cat 5 vehicle trackers for less than our cat 6 trackers.

http://www.wrapvehicles.co.ukcat 6 vehicle trackers still offer the same amount of security and protection for your vehicle, they just offer a few less features in comparison to cat 5 trackers


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