Mercedes CLK DTM Replica Wrapped in Red Gloss

Here we have something you don’t see everyday, an original CLK DTM coupe is worth over well £100,00 and there are only 100 in existence but this replica is a pretty close representation of how mad it looks for a road car.

Underneath it is a CLK55 AMG, still a very fast car but using an aftermarket bodykit (prior to coming into us) it has been transformed into a replica of the legendary CLK DTM Coupe. With a car like this is would be very easy to wrap it in the wrong colour and totally ruin the look but thankfully our customer opted for a Hot Rod Red Gloss wrap from our 3M vehicle wrap range. By using it bold but restrained colour we have been able to give a better impression that this car is a real CLK DTM while still making it stand out even more and turn heads wherever it goes.

In addition to the red gloss wrap we also blacked out the chrome trim throughout the car, this included wrapping the chrome window trims in gloss black, as well as the grilles, rear wing and rear diffuser.


clk dtm wrap

red wrap on mercedes clk dtm

dtm car wrap

wrapped mercedes dtm

mercedes cll wrap

manchester wraps

car wraps

wrapped clk dtm

manchester wraps

Mercedes coupe wrap

cheshire car wrapping

red car wraps

3M car wraps

3M wraps

3M wraps

mercedes wrapped in red

CLK DTM wrap

car wrapped in 3M red

manchester vehicle wraps

vehicle wraps

clk wrap

red wrapped mercedes clk

mercedes car wrap

wrapped mercedes

manchester vehicle wraps

car wrapping

car wrapping in 3m hot rod red

clk dtm wrap

mercedes wraps

car wraps





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