Chrome Vehicle Wrapping

Coloured chrome car wraps

Chrome cars UK

Manchester chrome car wrapping service

A couple of chrome wrapped cars

Blue and silver chrome wraps

Complete chrome car wraps in Manchester

Chrome cars UK

Chrome car wraps in Manchester

Chrome vehicle wrapping UK

Blue, Black, Silver and Gold Chrome Car wraps

Chrome car wasp UK

Silver Chrome Mercedes Wrap and Blue Chrome Maserati Wrap

At we specialise in vehicle wraps and vehicle modifications for premium models including Mercedes, Maserati, Ferrari and Porsche.

One of our most popular vehicle wrapping products is the Chrome Car Wrap. Chrome Car wraps look great on the right car and give the car a stunning high gloss mirror finish like no other vehicle wrap can achieve.

Our chrome vehicle wraps are currently available in black chrome, blue chrome, gold chrome and the classic silver chrome. Red chrome wraps are also due to be released in late 2014.


One comment

  1. I thought that blue chrome maserati belonged to a footy player or something. How disappointing that it was just your show car!! 😦

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