Vehicle Paint Protection Films –

In addition to offering full car wraps and other vehicle styling upgrades for high-end cars we offer a service to protect your vehicle’s paintwork if you are happy with it’s colour.


We provide several brands of paint protection film from the industries top manufacturers (3M, Ventureshield, X-Pel, Suntek, etc). We only offer PPF from their premium ranges as we feel this way we can ensure a quality service everytime.

Paint protection films are made of an optically clear material that firmly adheres to the factory paintwork of a vehicle. Our paint protection films are guaranteed not to yellow over time and are installed by highly skilled professionals so will not peel or shrink either.

Our range of paint protection films allow us to offer a quality product but allows for customer choice. Several of our paint protection films offer special additional features such as self healing and extra protective top coats. The self healing properties of some of our paint protection films allow you to use hot water or a hot air gun to remove minor scratches & scuffs on the film. The films with an extra protective top coat give that extra layer of protection against corrosive agents that like paint thinner & bird poo that can discolor or cause a milky effect on lesser paint protection films.



The primary purpose for paint protection films is to protect your vehicles paint work against stone chips and scratches causes by day to day driving. Modern water based vehicle paints do not offer the same protection as older painting methods therefore stone ships are becoming more frequent and rectifying these can be very costly, especially on metallic paint as these often require blending.

We only use the top spec materials on our PPF work therefore this service is best suited to higher end vehicle makes & models and classic cars. Vehicles that are going to cost considerably more to respray than to fit the film.

For higher end makes the question is not can you afford to add PPF to your car but can you not afford to? The majority of higher end makes now request a preferred body shop to carry out paintwork repairs. These accredited body shops are usually the most expensive and getting the work carried out somewhere else cheaper can void your vehicles manufacturers warranty.

In addition to protecting vehicle paint work from stone chips & scratches our paint protection films also protect vehicle paint work against UV rays and most common oils & lubricants.

Paint protection films should remain stable & not show signs of weathering for at a least the first 5 years of their life. This allows the film on each panel to be replaced without a noticeable difference in colour, finish or clarity of the film. This is a very useful feature as it allows panels to be recovered in paint protection film should the vehicle be involved in an accident & require repair.


We offer custom cut template options for most high end vehicles, this means perfect fit & finish every time. Precut panels allow for minimal or no cutting of the film, this combined with our professionally installers mean no need to worry about cuts being made in the paintwork. We offer partial kits all the way up to full coverage kits giving complete peace of mind no matter what you use the vehicle for. Paint protection films are ideal for high performance vehicles driven regularly at high speed or used for track days.



Paint protection films are approved for use by vehicle manufactures such as Mercedes & Ferrari. The technology involved in paint protection films has progressed rapidly over the last few years, so a professionally fitted PPF can give an almost invisible effect.



The newest development in paint protection films are the matte & satin finishes. Adding a satin finish paint protection film to a car can not only protect & preserve the original paintwork but give the additional feature of providing the vehicle paintwork a satin finish just like a satin/matte vehicle wrap or paint job.


Partial kits are available with full front coverage kits as well as full vehicle coverage also possible, giving complete peace of mind.


Up to 5 year warranty and guarantee available.


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