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Find out about our commercial and premium automotive interior and upholstery upgrade services. We have just added some information about out interior upgrade services to our Wrapvehicles website. Here you can find out about the upholstery services we offer for both cars and commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, vans, etc)

Our Premium automotive interior upgrades services include reupholstery, seat upgrades, bespoke seat stitching and a whole host of other exciting interior conversions from big brands including Brabus, Lumma Design, Prior Design and Mansory.


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The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – The completed Meat Lust Bare Bones XXL Tour bus (Post 7)

After the bus left us, it travelled back down to London to be fitted out with a few more health and safety requirements and then it was put into action on its tour. You can see it in action by following the below links:




















The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – The final touches (Post 6)

This was the final stage of the project for wrapvehicles.co.uk, after we had completed the external vehicle wrap on the bus, reupholstered all the seating, added a bespoke BBQ area upstairs and painted all of the interior walls, it was time to just finish off a few smaller add-on items before the bus would leave us for London and its pre-booked events.

First off we added some more digitally printed vehicle wrap to the section of wall we added at the rear of the bus (the wind breaker). This area was wrapped to extend the pattern of the existing bus wrap, whilst also leaving enough space to incorporate sponsors logos in the future.

To start the process of getting the bus ready for the road, and its intended use for transporting & feeding the general public, we arranged for a set of fire extinguishers and fire blankets to be added to the bus.

Our final action for the bus was to help arrange collection of it by a driver to that it could be taken back to London and the process of getting the Bare Bones XXL Tour started could begin.

After assisting in arranging the bus drivers, we arranged a bus mechanic to get the bus started and ready for its journey back down south.


The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – Bus interior painting (Post 5)

Now that the seats had been reupholstered, it was time to update the rest of the interior and get everything matching. To do this we first started by removing all carpeting from the walls on both decks of the bus. Once the carpeting was removed we painted all of the walls and ceilings in a charcoal grey, this gave the interior of the bus a refined feeling.

We also repainted all of the buses handrails in a pink colour to bring the colours of the exterior bus wrap into the interior of the bus and spread the feeling and aesthetic throughout.

Whilst painting the walls, we also prepared them for the Meat Lust graffiti artist to come in and add bespoke BBQ themed graffiti creations to the walls of the bus.


The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – Creating the authentic BBQ bus (Post 4)

The next stage of the bus conversion project was an important one, the installation of an Egg BBQ,  supplied by Primo ceramic grills. This was the main purpose of the whole bus project, without the BBQ the Bare Bones Tour XXL wouldn’t work, the whole idea was to cook BBQ food on the bus for paying customers.

stainless steel metalwork for vehicels

bbq bus conversion

To install the Primo ceramic BBQ we had to firstly remove upstairs horseshoe shaped bench seating area and convert it into a cooking station. To do this we had our metalworker cut away at the base of the seating and install steel checker plate across the floor of the top deck to protect the bus from the heat of the BBQ and also make it easier to clean. Once the flooring was in we installed a bespoke mount and fixed the BBQ in place on it. And to finish off this section of the project we installed a stainless steel catering table beside the BBQ and incorporated a secret storage cupboard under the seating area.

vehicle conversions in manchester

bespoke metalwork Manchester

To ensure the BBQ area received some shelter from the wind we also incorporated a custom-made section of steel at the rear of the bus, raising up the rear wall to create a wind break for the BBQ/cooking area that would help with wind and smoke.

bbq bus upgrade

bus conversion services

In addition to the metalworks our upholsterer modified some of the bench seating on the top deck to make it fit next to the BBQ/cooking station.

The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – Reupholstering the double decker bus (Post 3)

The bus came to us with lime green seats both upstairs and downstairs, even the drivers seat was lined in a garish lime green vinyl. Although at Wrapvehicles we are more often required to upgrade the upholstery on luxury cars, and add diamond stitched quilted leather, we undertook the simpler but larger scale process on the Meat Lust bus, first we stripped the seats all-round and reupholstered them in a charcoal grey PVC vinyl to the client’s specification. The seats were a mix of standard bus double bench seats as well as a full horseshoe bench seat at the rear of the bus, upstairs and downstairs.

bus conversion manchester

bus reupholstery manchester

We reupholstered all of the seats in a PVC vinyl to allow them all to be wipe clean and to ensure the seating on the open top deck would be weatherproof.

bus reupholstering manchester

bus seat reupholstery services, manchester

In addition to recovering all of the seats, we also re-covered all of the table tops on the outside section of the upper deck, against provided a water resistant wipe clean surface.

The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – The Meat Lust bus wrap (Post 2)

The client supplied us with a bespoke design for the bus, after the bus was delivered to our Manchester vehicle wrapping centre from it’s home in London, we measured it up and edited the supplied artwork to accommodate for the buses exact sizes and the placement of obstructions like air vents and window rubbers.

bus wraps manchester

bus wrapping

We wrapped the body of the double decker parade bus using 3M vehicle wrapping vinyl, converting  it from a boring white painted surface into a loud and proud bright pink bus with graffiti style text and logos everywhere. Perfect for advertising the Meat Lust Bare Bones XXL Tour, a culinary tour of Londons best BBQ and meat restaurants.

bus wraps uk

manchester bus wrapping services

In addition to vehicle wrapping the body of the bus we also added contra vision printed vinyls the the side windows, extending the design into those areas and making it even more imposing and impressive.

bus wrapping in manchester and cheshire

bus wraps manchester

To finish off the initial bus wrap we also added vinyl text and logos to the front facing and upper windows, completing the look and also giving the bus an personalised “old-skool” style number/destination sign about the drivers window.


Cat 5 and Cat 6 GPS vehicle trackers in Manchester

We offer a great selection of both Cat 5 and Cat 6 GPS vehicle trackers, with mobile installation that can be arranged for anywhere in the North West, across Manchester and Cheshire.

Our Cat 6 vehicle trackers suit most customers and insurers requirements, they provide 24/7 tracking of the vehicle within the UK and can remotely disable the car by engaging the immobiliser  should the car be reported stolen. The usual process is as follows:

If the car is started without the keys, moved without the ignition on or tilted (as if being towed) the tracker will engage and report this to the tracker monitoring company. The vehicle tracker company will then contact the vehicle’s owner to request confirmation that the issue is being caused by the owner, if it is not being caused by the owner then the tracker service can remotely kill the car’s engine and/or report the stolen car to the police. The vehicle can then be tracked to its location and retrieved.

If your car has a keyless go system then it is best to opt for the Cat 5 GPS vehicle tracker system, this gives the vehicle owner an added line of defence against thieves. The Cat 5 GPS vehicle tracker systems come supplied with a switch, keycard or fob that must be engaged or inside the vehicle for the car to start, this means that keyless go cars or cars that have been stolen with the keys cannot be started, and therefore cannot be stolen.

The Meat Lust Bare Bones Tour XXL bus project – Introduction (Post 1)

At Wrapvehicles.co.uk we get involved with a massive variety of projects, utilising our vehicle wrap and vehicle customisation services to their maximum impact. We aren’t just all about supercars and luxury vehicles, a lot of our work is in the commercial sector. The majority of our commercial work tends to be for printed van wraps, but every now and then we undertake large vehicle wrapping projects for trucks and buses. In the summer of 2016 we received an enquiry from a PR company in London requiring a full wrap on a double decker parade bus for an event promoting BBQ food and a brand called Meat Lust.

This post and the following 6 posts will showcase the services we provided for the project, how we project managed to work and how the whole undertaking turned out.

To keep your interest here are a few images to whet your appetite.


bus conversions

bus wrapping manchester

double decker bus wraps

bespoke bus wrapping in manchester

Mobile installation for GPS vehicle trackers in Manchester and Cheshire

wrapvehicles.co.uk are now offering mobile installation on all of our Cat 5 and Cat 6 GPS vehicle trackers. That means we can come out to your home or place of work and install our security car trackers at a time convenient to you. Many of our customers require GPS vehicle trackers to be installed to their new cars as their insurance companies request them straight away. If this happens to you then there is now no need to worry, Wrapvehicles can come out to the car while it is at the dealership and install the tracker before you take the car home. No risk of driving around in a brand new car that isn’t fully insured.


satin black audi wrap

Cheshire mobile vehicle tracker installers