Introducing Startech Refinement in Manchester & Cheshire

Made by Brabus to allow their designers and engineers to spread their wings and evolve  styling and performance packages for more than just Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes AMG models, Startech Refinement offers  all the same quality, style and exclusivity of a Brabus enhanced car but on a non Mercedes.

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At the moment, Startech Refinement are specialising in offering premium car styling packages for the following car makes and models:

  • Bentley GT / GTC
  • Bentley Flying Spur
  • Jaguar F Type
  • Jaguar XJ
  • Jaguar XK
  • Range Rover
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • Land Rover Defender

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Wrapvehicles offer the full Startech Refinement by Brabus styling packages to our clients in the North West, Manchester, Cheshire and across the UK. The Startech styling packages allow each car to be refined to make something that creates an impact and gives an enhanced look to rejuvenate your car and ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

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Due to Startech Refinement being part of Brabus, they utilise the expertise, skills and capabilities of that esteemed company. This means that they can go above and beyond the capabilities of many other automotive styling companies by offering completely bespoke bodykits and styling parts made from high grade materials such as carbon fibre. Also, they have the ability to customise the interior of your Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar or Bentley, ofering it the full Startech interior treatment to make a car interior that is fully bespoke and built to the specification you establish.

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If you would like more information about the Startech Refinement car styling packages or to get a quote or price for a Startech bodykit including fitting at our Manchester bodyshop please give us a call on 0161 641 7384 or email us at

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For a more in depth information about the Startech Refinement styling packages and Startech conversions we offer to our customers in Manchester, Cheshire and across the UK, visit our website.

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DMC Bodykits in the UK

Since DMC’s inauguration they have been out to make a big splash in the field of high performance styling. DMC are specialists in constructing cars that make a lasting impression whilst still keeping the authentic styling of the car, but just amping them up a smidge (a lot). Nearly the entire DMC car styling range is built from carbon fibre; therefore the DMC bodykits and styling components we sell at Wrapvehicles are not for the light of hearts (wallets). However, when it comes down to DMC styling you get what you pay for, a DMC carbon fibre is expertly crafted from the maximum quality materials and constructed to amplify the looks of already impressively styled cars to make something much more than just bespoke.

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Beyond this there is stage 2. This consists of full bodykits that either enhance the channels of the original car’s layout or totally change them to innovate a totally new design. Some DMC designs can take the original car’s design to the extreme and effectively make what looks like an individual model of its own.

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DMC is all about endless amounts of carbon fibre, everything is designed to make an impression. Fins, Spoilers, Lips, Air Scoops, Roof Scoops, Rear Wings, Swords, Cannards , all of these components are available in carbon fibre to accessorise the regular car or be used as part of a larger DMC car conversion.

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A list of the cars we at Wrapvehicles in Manchester can offer DMC styling parts and DMC bodykits for:

  • McLaren 12C
  • McLaren 650S
  • Ferrari 360
  • Bentley GT
  • Ferrari 458
  • Maserati Gran Turismo
  • 911 Turbo
  • Ferrari California
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Lamborghini Murcielago
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Ferrari 430
  • Ferrari F12
  • Porsche Cayenne
  • Rolls Royce Ghost

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The above makes and models have a collection of DMC parts and accessories available of them; these have been created to make a great way to customise exotic and luxury cars. However what DMC really specialise in is the DMC conversions. By offering full bodykits they have managed to make one off models of the following cars:

  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Ferrari F12
  • Ferrari 458

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Intricate detail has been paid to what DMC have achieved with these cars. The level of enhancement and in many people’s eyes improvement to the regular cars design has absolutely created a selection of spectacular cars

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For more in depth information about the DMC styling kits we offer to our customers in Manchester & Cheshire please get in touch by enquiring. You can call Wrapvehicles on 0161 7384 to discuss your DMC bodykit questions or send us an email to

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Chrome C63 – Chrome My Car

What better way is there to learn how to wrap a car in chrome than by using your own company vehicle? In 2012 after investing in a brand new Mercedes C63 AMG coupe we decided to wrap the car in silver chrome. Although chrome wraps are more popular nowadays back in 2012 they were incredibly rare due to the chrome vehicle wrap vinyl only just being introduced to the market by Avery, and the cost per SqM of the chrome vinyl being well over £150. Meaning a full chrome wrap on a car would set you back over £3000 in just material costs.


Well after much trial and error with this brand new chrome wrap vinyl we finally completed our C63 in its silver chrome wrap. It was incredibly popular with people stopping in the street to take photos of it and other posing next to it when it was parked up. Soon customers started enquiring about getting their cars chrome wrapped and seen we had used our chrome vehicle wrapping knowledge to install chrome car wraps on all types of cars, from a Maserati Gran Turismo to Toyota Yaris.

But our silver C63 AMG is where it all started, we’re one of the first companies in the UK to perfect the art of chrome vehicle wrapping thanks to it. It gave us a huge amount of knowledge about how the chrome wrapping vinyl works, what it can and cannot do and also an incite into its long term suitability on the UK roads.

Camo Golf – Company Car

At we have always been keen on showing off our services, the is why all of our company cars are fully wrapped. Some of our cars are subtly wrapped in neat colours, to show off the range of colours we have available and illustrate how our car wraps can look like factory painted cars. But often we utilise our vehicle wrapping expertise to turn our company cars into mobile advertisements. As our company is all about car style, we don’t just go for big logos and photos on our company vehicle wraps, we tend to go for more interesting and innovative designs that showcase our design expertise and ethos of stylish cars.

One of our more recent company car wraps is this lovely arctic camo wrapped VW Golf R Mk7. We received this vehicle on lease and chose to wrap it in a custom camo pattern inspired by a design we had seen on an Audi RS6 Advant that became famous online.

The main body wrap for this car was based on a 3M satin white colour, we then printed directly onto this material using a HP latex printer. This gave an overall satin effect but allowed the inks used on the grey and black sections to offer more texture and depth. Usually a printed wrap like this would consist of a purpose made white print vinyl used as a base, with an over-laminated added over the top once the printing has been completed. But we like to be different and try new things, so opted for printing directly to a coloured wrapping vinyl instead. This gave us a chance to experiment with the latex printing process and see how durable it could be long term to print onto coloured vinyl, giving us the potential to create new colours and finishes by combining print, patterns and coloured wrap vinyls.

Although we didn’t quite get the durability we would have liked from this print process the colours came out great and the wrap was more than good enough to be used on our company VW Golf R.

To complete the wrap we used flat matte red wrapping vinyl to cover several pieces of trim on the cars exterior , giving it a great bit on contrast against the arctic camo pattern.

To finish things off we used the matte red vinyl to add logos and contact details to the car wrap and finish off the wrap, ready to get it out there on the road advertising our services.


Black Range Rover – Brush Metal

The range of colours and finishes available from our car wrapping vinyls at is now into the hundreds and often our customers find it hard to decide which colour or finish to go with for their new car wrap. On this occasion our customer know exactly what he wanted, he wanted a matte black car wrap for his Range Rover Sport, but he wanted it to have something different, an extra feature to make it stand out from all the other matte black wraps he had seen out on the road. So we suggested a brushed metal finish in black metallic, this wrapping vinyl looks very much like a matte colour when viewed from afar, but on closer inspection the brushed metal effect adds an extra layer of depth to the vehicle wrap and the metallic elements give the car an overall shimmer that a standard matte black cannot offer.

After a short meeting to show examples of the brushed metal wrap vinyls and a long discussion with his wife, the customer decided to go ahead. We collected the car from him in Altrincham and 5 days later he had it back filled wrapping in metallic black brushed metal and was over the moon.


Macan – Prior Design Body Conversion

Our wide body car conversions are one of our favourite products, they can totally transform a car. Take this car for example, the donor car is a Porsche Macan S model. A nice car but a little tame and middle of the road. But our client wanted to make it something special and had seen the Prior Design wide body conversion online and decided to undertake a full exterior conversion.

This Macan wide body conversion package is the first in the UK, we initially took in the stock car and prepared it for work. The wide body kit was very new, so took a 2 weeks to get in stock from Prior Design in Germany but once it arrived we got to work. The wide body conversion package consisted of front and rear bumpers, side skirts and wheel arch widening for all 4 arches.

Soon we had the kit on the car and began the process of blending in the new parts to give a factory look finish. After a lot of work the project was completed and all new body parts and installation areas were painted perfectly in the Porsche Macan’s factory paint colour.

The client soon opted to complete the look of their wide body Porsche Macan by installing 21 inch Vossen alloy wheels and installing a black chrome vehicle wrap. Taking this once middle of the road car from plain to a real show stopper.

White Range Rover – Gloss White

A very poplar colour (along with matte black) for us at is gloss white, it just works so well on so many cars and helps to create a clean look that doesn’t age. on the occasion our 3M gloss white wrap was applied to a Range Rover Vogue. The owner wanted their new Range Rover to look a very specific way and we were happy to help.

As well as installing a full colour change wrap to the main body of the car we also wrapped all major trim in matching gloss white. these areas of trim are usually left in their factory colour of chrome or silver, or swapped out for black versions to give a “murdered out” look. But for this Range Rover we whitened out all the trim to give a very nice aesthetic that subtly makes this Range Rover stand out from the crowd. And once the owner got his car back home to the Isle of Man he swapped his alloy wheels over for a set of matching gloss white options to complete the cars new look.


Lumma Repair – Small Repair to Wrap

At we don’t just offer full vehicle wraps, our team are so skilled and knowledgeable that we can assign with fixing damaged or poorly installed vehicle wraps. On this occasion a customer brought in their Lumma Design converted BMW X6 as it had been damaged. Their local bodyshop had managed to repair the damage to the bodywork but they could not match the matte metallic blue colour that the car was in. the client brought the car into us and we managed to match the colour to a matte metallic blue from the Avery vehicle wrapping range. Although the existing wrap had been on the car for over 3 years, our skilled installers managed to rewrap the damaged area in such a way that that fading between the old vinyl and new vinyl wouldn’t be noticeable.

DS3 roof wraps – black roof

A regular piece of dealership work we carry out at, our DS3 roof wraps are available in a massive range of colours and we can usually get them turned around within a day. The DS3 roof wrap was carried out for Citroen Stockport, the car came into us with a roof wrap already installed, but due to poor installation it was bubbling and showing the classic signs of a failed vehicle wrap. So we striped off the old roof wrap, cleaned off all adhesive residue and installed a brand new gloss black roof wrap using Avery Supreme wrapping film.


Bus metalwork

Having handled the full wrapping of this bus and updating its interior and upholstery we were given the task of turning it into a “mobile BBQ joint”. To do this we brought in our metalworker to help craft a bespoke BBQ station out of stainless steel. This area allowed for installation of a high end BBQ at the back of the bus on the top deck. We then added checker-plate to the floor and created a windbreak at the very rear of the bus to create a BBQ area that was resistant to wind and allowed passersby to see the chef in action at the grille.

The whole project was carried out for MeatLust to turn their double decker bus into a mobile BBQ restaurant ready for their Bare Bones XXL Tour event in 2017.  You can see the bus in action on the Bare Bones XXL Tour here